“My fashion is a tribute to the beauty of the curvy woman!”

Manufactured Joy


Processing high quality materials, in small quantities and almost on my doorstep, this is my luxury – that I enjoy every day.

Wonderful patterns, which, when combined with monochrome materials, develop a dynamic, that simply leaves others speechless.

You and your personality matter to me the most. This recognition and understanding, to adorn you with my fashion and to not just dress you, are the values that we stand for.


The company aspires to create sensual and classical designs for curvy women

Our main idea is to emphasize luxury in the designs of our collection. The intelligent interplay of hiqh quality materials, brings a lot of dynamic to the Doris Megger look. When cashmere is combined with silk, or leather with Jersey, new style elements are incorporated into the look, which makes it unique. Summer or winter, our fashion can be combined in many ways for all seasons. Well thought out layering strategies create the real Doris Megger look, even with a small budget. The perfect fit for curves: What makes a Doris Megger woman stand out is not just the fashion, but that it is a perfect fit for beautiful curves.

A perfect fit for beautiful curves

Basic elements of the collection combine different styles. This allows a creative interaction of the different models. The extraordinary thing about the Doris Megger label is not only the fashionable variety, but above all the perfect fit for beautiful curves. After all, the clothing engineer Doris Megger has studied, among other things, cutting technology.

Luxury made in germany

Doris Megger fashion is manufactured in germany in limited quantities. Ambitious customers can expect luxury with high level of comfort. Sustainability is a very important factor for Doris Megger. The Cashmere and the leather collections are manufactured exclusivly in italy. Small manufactures assure extraordinarily high quality.

Our customer is queen

“No compromises – only the best for our customers”. This is what guides us in our designs and customer service and this is the key concept for every client. Every customer need is meticulously dealt with in personal consultations. Blouses or shirts, dresses or skirts, trousers or jackets from size 38 to size 54 – every trendy fashion dream comes true for women with curves. Doris Megger’s online counseling on call is endowed with a personal touch and empathy. This is why the online customer feels just like in the retail store – pampered with exclusive support. Everything is made possible for our customers.

Doris Megger Design

Our online shop sells luxurious women’s fashion for curvy women worldwide. For everyone who wants to put their curves in the limelight immediately, there is the designer flagship store in the heart of Düsseldorf. The shopping experience here will be extravagant. Perfect service, staff full of energy and their excitement for the products, will make shopping for you in Düsseldorf an amazing event. Whether you are looking for a coat or blouse, or a new look for a special festive occasion, the fashion experts at Doris Megger let the curves shine.