Talking about clothing sizes sucks!

Fashion is wonderful, if it weren’t for the restrictions of clothing sizes. Fashion gives us the opportunity to express our attitude towards life. But we usually do not, we rather smile at the Instagram and Youtube stars and starlets.
True to the motto: come to our age first!
Yes, we should be a little more submissive with the topic and take a second in the morning before we put our outfit together.
I really do not take myself out there, it is one sometimes not after it, then you just wish in the morning that the day is over. Therefore my wake up call to us:

>>You never know when Hollywood is calling.<<

The clothing size realities make us go through life restricted. We think about it far too often, how does this look on me, does this fit me?

My vision is a fashion market that does without “from to” and “from size”. Everyone should have fun shopping and not feel frustrated by long searches. I plead for diversity in retail, also in our city centers. Especially here, all sizes concepts for every genre and every taste should emerge. Luxury labels like to adorn themselves with “token curve models” at their shows, but still want to sell you only handbags and sunglasses in their stores.

The popular press plays on the cliché just as hypocritically: being chubby and also desirable only takes place when half-naked so-called “plus size beauties” are put on display in casting shows.

The world is crazy… and I’m glad that I don’t have to take part in everything. Because…

The middle of life is really cool! And true coolness comes from life experience, because it gives us the serenity to endure anything.

Fashion again with a special to connect feeling, without clothing sizes or limits.

Away from the masses to the class, only the best and the most sustainable, that is my mission.