Germany is my home, fashion made in Germany is my life!

The Adler sewing machine anno 1900 of my grandmother comes from a time when fashion was a national affair. Made in Germany, that was the local tailor. She designed, sewed and altered everything according to the needs of the customers. Industrialization was in its early days and mass production did not exist. Fashion needs were based on the practicality of everyday life, but also on social demands.

And then the development started. Briefly interrupted by wars, economic crises and inflation, fashion history put on a remarkable performance. The national disappeared, the great couturiers set international accents, Paul Poiret, Christian Dior and of course the wonderful Coco Chanel.  She simply reinvented us women for a moment, freeing us from the corset and clothing constraints.

However, the liberalization of the markets led to the fact that in the course of the last century, the individuality of the fashion statement was increasingly lost. The passion of the dressmaker, the creators of the “old school” disappeared.

Fashion – made in Germany, a discontinued model, national identity, no longer existent. A uniform mash of fashionable ephemera covers our world and wears us down. If my grandmother were still alive, she would not understand all this anymore.

That was always reason enough for me to think differently!

Producing fashion in Germany gives us the opportunity to flexibly respond to your needs. Keeping the old traditions alive by perfecting each piece for you so that you are the center of attention. Small manufactories that put as much heart and soul into their production techniques as we do are our partners. The personal conversation, the meeting at the sewing machine. Being very close to the complete manufacturing process personalizes every single one of our models. My soul is in each one, from the design to the finished model.

Small, fine and special…this is the company philosophy and our mantra for everything we do. In the ultra digital world we are also analog, we are here for you in person!

Our maxim is, to make you the most beautiful woman of the moment, always. It must give you a wonderful feeling to wear my fashion – that is important to me! As they always say: The spirit of the times! For me, this time no longer has a spirit, it overturns itself every day.

Value and sustainability are nowadays marketing tools, almost without content! Not so with us…where my grandma’s Adler sewing machine is very close to me in my studio!