Plus Size Fashion, doesn’t that immediately make you think of some nice fashion compromises?

Is it true that plus size fashion is totally in focus lately? The market has been recognized and is wonderfully served in all facets. That is not true!

The fashion industry celebrates itself and its trends on spindly, androgynous girls. Curvy women are still alibi women of the fashion circus to cover the fact that plus size fashion is not loved by designers, but treated for economic reasons! There we are, with our style, our desires, with our intelligence and our wallet and we are supposed to buy compromises because we fall through some grids. Why?

Having reached this point, I am here for you! There is no compromise with me, never in fabric qualities and certainly not in designs.

The concept of my brand is geared towards the sophisticated woman who is looking for a wonderfully changeable and uncomplicated look in real life.

Instead of 100 individual pieces, I prefer 10 concept models, which then beat the 100 individual pieces by far in their combinability.

The basis of my fashion philosophy are Luxury Basics, they are changeable and indestructible and are something like the foundation.

With 4 to 5 basic pieces you can reinvent yourself. The perfect starting point for a new look, which you can build up little by little. These personal keypieces should be clearly based on your needs.

My tip: at least 1 pair of pants, 1 top, a shirt and a short dress. Please choose a basic color for the fashionable foundation, black or dark blue, this will facilitate the combinations possibly also with your existing wardrobe.

My staff and I, we are always there for you. Advice, whether on location in Düsseldorf or on the phone, is for us not a burden but a pleasure. I am well aware that sometimes it takes a leap in a different direction to change something. For you, who don’t know my fashion yet, this could mean: “Should I change my shopping habits, away from single items towards sustainability and conception? Is my fashion appeal worth it to me?”

That’s entirely up to you to decide, but had it not been for people like Nicolaus Copernicus, who knows how long it would have taken us to realize that the earth is not the center of the universe, but the sun.

In diesem Sinne, seien Sie die Sonne ihres Weltalls!


Plus Size Fashion-Statement und Stil von Doris Megger, Düsseldorf  Plus Size Fashion-Statement und Stil, Doris Megger Düsseldorf