Finest Italian silk, extraordinary creations and exquisite comfort – discover the luxurious blouse collection by Doris Megger.

Finest fabrics which feel absolutely perfect on your skin. Timeless classics rethought. Extraordinary patterns and prints that guarantee a sense of uniqueness. Sophisticated cuts provide the highest wearing comfort. This is the new blouse collection from Doris Megger: With their uncompromising elegance, our blouses are eye-catchers for any special occasion as well as suitable for everyday wear and very versatile to combine.

Choose from different cuts and fits, such as newly interpreted classics, highneck or shirt blouses with large-scale patterns, timeless unis or lovingly detailed embellishments. Skillfully set the scene for your outfit and flatter your silhouette with well-applied ruffles or subtle necklines. Classic, colorful and comfortable – show your personality with a blouse from Doris Megger! Your friends will be curious where you bought your new favorite blouse.

Maximum comfort for curvy women – comfortable and elegant at the same time

Our blouses are tailored to enhance the beauty of curvy women. Our cuts flatter curves while always providing enough width to feel comfortable. This creates an exquisite wearing sensation that is comfortable for any occasion and creates that special feeling with a sense of ease. We also love the little details: buttons, collars or cuffs round out the individuality and comfort of each blouse. Combine our timeless classics in a modern look with any style and emphasize your individuality.

One blouse – infinite styles. We show you the best combination options for each model, from classic jeans to the perfect complement to a business blazer. Use your new favorite blouse to underline your personality in every situation!

Individual, sustainable and distinctive

Doris Megger blouses are 100 percent made in Germany and Italy, using only highly refined Italian luxury natural fibers. These convince with highest quality and sophistication – visible and noticeable. Since we produce in small quantities, our blouses are highly individual and impress with their manufactory character. We attach great importance to sustainability, so that your Doris Megger blouse becomes your new favorite piece of clothing, which you will enjoy for a long time.

Live out your passion for fashion with Doris Megger / Mode blouses – creative, colorful and self-confident!

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