Create unique style moments every day – with pants from Doris Megger.

From classic fabrics to eye-catchers made of satin or silk, with lace, color-intensive patterns or in elegant uni: the pants from Doris Megger are your perfect basis for a new favorite look every day with thoughtful cuts and fits in which you will feel completely comfortable. Wellness for the skin, width to feel good and on top of that an individual look – that’s what distinguishes our pants. Opt for uncomplicated and luxurious lifestyle pants that integrate effortlessly into your look, while impressing with their optimal fit and maximum wearing comfort. Say goodbye to constricting pants that pinch and make you feel uncomfortable, and say hello to well-designed cuts that perfectly showcase your curves and boost your confidence in any situation.

One pair of pants – endless possibilities

When refined tailoring meets perfect lines, high-quality fabrics create an optimal wearing experience and versatility is combined with individuality, quality and comfort come first and create exceptional luxury trousers. Our pants also impress with their sustainability and longevity, as we produce them 100 percent in Germany and use only fabrics of the highest quality. And at the same time, the pants of Doris Megger are as individual and changeable as you are! For your office outfit, to the relaxed leisure look to the glamorous evening style, our pants offer you a modern and versatile styling foundation that is a statement in itself and serves as the basis for your wardrobe.

Thoughtful details perfectly round out your new favorite pants from Doris Megger: whether with a wide or narrow cut, short or long leg, each pair of pants flatters your figure and curves. With perfect lines and the right kind of fabrics, our pants offer you the utmost comfort and convenience, conjuring up a great silhouette while remaining easy to move in, feminine and giving you that extra bit of luxury for every day.


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