“The Fringed Layer V-Neck in Cornflower Blue: a Cashmere Sweater that gives new meaning to the word luxury, with a new casual fit and thoughtful details!” – Doris Megger

An unmissable luxury statement and the perfect complement to all silk blouses. That’s why the V-neck of our new sweater is deeper and wider. In the context of the Total Look, an absolute styling coup: the sleeveless silk blouses are simply worn as a top under the sweater. The flash of color in the neckline thus gives the look a new touch again and again. The fringes also reveal a slight see-through effect. The blouse underneath is thus also slightly visible towards the hem, as the lengths of the two styles are coordinated. The length of the Fringed Layer Sweater is adjusted in such a way that casual trouser shapes are also perfectly accentuated. You as the wearer will shine wonderfully as a result. With wide silk pants the outfit becomes pure fashion. With narrow pants or a pencil skirt worn a feel-good piece for Everyday. The powerful and noble nuance cornflower blue fits many color combinations.

Doris Megger Cashmere, this is a collection for all who love luxury in its purest form. Our cashmere yarns are obtained from extra long hair and come from the traditional house “Loro Piana”. High Class Cashmere – only the very finest and best fibers are used here. We are proud to work with this yarn. Your Doris Megger Cashmere Piece is exclusively knitted in our partner family manufactory in Umbria. In the past, cashmere was weighed in gold. When you feel this cashmere, you will understand why. Pure luxury – in its coziest form!

100% Made in Italy

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