“The Filati Loro Piana Cashmere and Silk Layer Pullover is the perfect complement to any silk blouse – the slight oversize shape combined with the shorter length allows flashes of color in the collar and hem!” – Doris Megger

The Layer Sweater in Midnight blue scores with the new light oversize fit – which means you can now layer your outfits artfully! Whether you wear a colorful silk blouse with or without sleeves – set accents and let your radiant silk pieces peek out from under the sweater. Due to the shorter length, your colorful favorites will now peek out not only from the collar, but also from under the hem. So you can easily create new looks again and again! This feel-good fit is also suitable for all figure types. The Light Oversize shape includes extra width in the tummy area and combines this with a perfectly fitting shoulder point. This creates a casual and flattering silhouette.

Our V-neck cashmere silk sweater is a classic that we continue to reinvent with the highest quality material and sophisticated shape. Due to the silk fibers, the sweater is feather-light and comfortable on the skin, as well as fine and soft to the touch. It is therefore the right choice for all seasons! The lightweight Layer Pullover, Cashmere and Silk V-Neck, Midnight blue adds the deluxe factor to your outfit. Doris Megger cashmere silk, this is a collection for those who love luxury in its purest form. When you feel this combination, you will understand why the most precious yarns are used here! Our models are knitted exclusively for you in a small manufactory in the heart of Umbria.

100% Made in Italy

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