“The Marlene Jeans with Fringed Edge is the perfect combination of casual denim style and chic Marlene Cut!”-Doris Megger

The modern interpreted Marlene jeans creates a great feminine silhouette, in which the narrowest part is at the height of the waist and thus perfectly emphasizes it. The leg is flared from the hip curve and thus flatters your figure. The side length is about 105 cm, so that the cool fringe sits in exactly the right place. With two buttons and the zipper in front, the design of the Marlene jeans is timeless. The waistband is cut higher at the back and is wide enough not to constrict. The Marlene Jeans in Dark Rinsed is finished with a light vintage wash to match.

The waistband is cut relatively high, so that even when sitting the belly is well held and the pants do not slip. The entire cut is specifically for female curves, so that the pants sit ideally overall. Especially with the firm as well as slightly stretchy denim fabric. The seams in a pocket look on the back are also an optical push-up effect. So we work with small but subtle tricks to achieve great results. We are always happy to see happy customers in our store, suddenly admiring their silhouette with unexpected satisfaction, just as it should be. Bottomline: Feminine cut with great fit meets fringed denim look with coolness factor!

100% Made in Germany

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