“Luxury in its purest form – cashmere from an exclusive manufactory in Italy and a handmade knitting pattern take this Modern Jacket to the next level!”-Doris Megger

A statement piece that stands for the highest quality. The Leo Jaquard weave pattern has been created exclusively for us by hand for the loom. This is an art that hardly anyone masters anymore. The Loro Piana Cashmere is knitted for you in a manufactory in Umbria in our partner family business. We are proud to work with this yarn. In the past, cashmere was weighed in pure gold. When you feel this cashmere, you will understand why! The precious cashmere fiber is distinguished by its fineness and, above all, its heat-insulating properties. The fusion of the most valuable fibers, cashmere and silk, achieves the best wearing properties. As a result, the Modern Jacket guarantees soft feel and at the same time pleasant lightness.

Luxury for Everyday is the keyword here. The sophisticated Leo Jaquard and our Loro Piana Cashmere from a manufactory in Umbria develop a dynamic all of their own. Trimmed with dark edges and embellished with glittering jeweled buttons – every detail is hand-picked. The slightly waisted oversized cut cleverly conceals, the décolleté is also perfectly staged. The new modern cut is ideal for combining with longer tops that show through at the neckline and under the hem. In combination with silk or velvet pants, an individual total look is created, which you can loosen up casually with sneakers to add a cool touch. This jacket is luxury without compromises – The best materials, the perfect cut: 100% Doris. Artful craftsmanship as well as timeless value, skillfully united in a contemporary design!

100% Made in Italy

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