“How to accessorize? With timeless luxury! The Silkscarf Manarola is a colorful skin-flatterer with which you can accentuate your outfits anew!”-Doris Megger

Add to your style DNA with this extra-long silk scarf! Easy to stage and thanks to clever color combination always new to complement – to all existing and newly created looks! In other words, finally a scarf that can be draped really nice and is not too short to tie! In addition to the beautiful look, it is above all a luxury to feel the silk on the skin. The different materialities create an incomparable mix. Matt silk meets light shimmer and noble transparency.

The scarf is soft and cuddly and the different prints provide the wow factor. Another special feature are the ends: The bold shades work wonderfully with the flowing silk and delicate chiffon. Wear it with a plain colored coat, thereby you skillfully set color accents. Worn with a colorful blouse, you achieve a wild pattern mix. Better said, a real Doris Megger favorite part for endless looks. Write new style stories with the Manarola Scarf!

100% Made in Germany

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