“The Super Cozy Cashmere Poncho is so much more than clothing, it embodies being uplifted in luxury…!” – Doris Megger

Cashmere Feeling Deluxe! The Cashmere Poncho is elegance par excellence. The new, intense color shades make stylish appearance a matter of course. The poncho is a cover, which makes high value simply experienceable by the Cashmere quality. Extravagant in look, with fringes at the hem that swing dynamically, it is an absolutely cuddly feel-good piece. Due to the fine knit, the poncho is not bulky and lies incredibly light and soft over the shoulders. In addition, the poncho comes in generous extra length, so that it can be perfectly draped by you – too short was yesterday! In winter, you will be so elegantly warmed even in cool temperatures. However, the poncho is not only warming, but also temperature balancing due to the valuable Loro Piana Filati Cashmere fibers. Therefore, you can enjoy it in any season and just about anywhere.

Luxury for Everyday is the keyword here. The deep black and the pure cashmere develop a dynamic all of their own.

Whether with a business look, in everyday life, or over an evening dress – there is no more noble option for on top. Doris Megger Cashmere is a collection for everyone who loves luxury in its purest form. The upgrade on top is “Filati Loro Piana”. The choicest and highest quality fibers are knitted here. We are proud to work with this yarn. Cashmere used to be weighed in gold, when you feel this cashmere you will understand why! Our models are custom made and only knitted to order in a small manufactory in the heart of Umbria exclusively for you. In our partner family business, craftsmanship is still writ large and cashmere is processed to the highest quality. Uncompromising luxury – The best materials, the best feeling: 100% Doris. Artful craftsmanship as well as timeless value, united for you in a design full of character!

100% Made in Italy

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