The New Doris Look: Our Two-side Top with Camouflage Gloss Sequins is street style de luxe with a hint of couture factor!” -Doris Megger

Looking for the uncomplicated new fashion favorite? This top is an Everyday Darling with a Luxury touch and unique use of materials. It fits seamlessly in combination with the new easy “Doris Look”. With shimmering Gloss Sequins in the front and comfortable Jersey in the back. The hems are trimmed with finest silk in our signature leo look. Just as durable as it is luxurious and just as comfortable as it is absolutely casual. The relaxed fit flatters absolutely everyone. High quality materials guarantee a great wearing experience. In addition, the slightly tapered waist ensures a beautiful silhouette. The round neckline also emphasizes the dekollétee without showing too much. Discover couture feeling for every day. Combine the top with camouflage gloss sequins with jeans for an extra cool look, or dare a femme fatal look with tight skirt and heels. In this unique top you will definitely be an eye-catcher!

100% Made in Germany

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